Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tis the season for... resistance training :)

Now that the days are getting shorter, colder, damper it’s a bit harder to stay motivated to be physically active. The holidays are looming and the carefree, flip-flop moments of summer are becoming a distant memory. I challenge you to keep as active now as you were all spring and summer by looking for opportunities to make the right choices.
One important thing to remember is to remain strong. Maintaining or increasing your percentage of lean body mass will help you become a more efficient, energy producing machine. There are so many varied opportunities at the gym to do this. By including some kind external resistance training you’ll feel immediate results. If group ex is your passion try to include some of our classes that use weights, barbells or elastic resistance (a few examples: Body Pump, Cut, Fit, B-360). Gravity™ is a unique resistance program I encourage everyone to try. By combining a cable and pulley system, with an incline-adjustable free-motion glideboard the options for gains are endless. Since it is a ½ hour workout of high intensity you really leave with a feeling of total body accomplishment.

I encourage you this fall to look for easy and functional ways to stay more active in general. Don’t always look for the closest parking space unless you need it for a reason. Walk an extra block to your destination, or run when it is raining. Use the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator whenever you can. Begin to increase your speed, or take two steps at once. Take the dog out often, the more miserable it is outside the faster you walk…just don’t decrease the time. Outdoor yard work is a boot camp of fitness opportunities. Go out and rake the leaves, it’s a never-ending job that gets the whole body involved including the core. Find ways to engage your family since they typically need the activity also. Inside, deep clean the house. Move the furniture and get underneath with your rags or sweepers. Clean out storerooms and closets. Vacuum and dust with a vengeance. Anyone who has ever cleaned houses or buildings for a living knows what a sweat producing workout this is…and what a feeling of joy when it is your own. Not only have you made your home beautiful, but also you’ve probably reduced allergens, killed those hidden germs and best of all reduced your stress. One less thing on your list to do!
Chip away everyone. Get on your feet whenever you can, make good choices one at a time. They do add up!!