Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hi everyone, In case you are noticing, is not up and running just quite yet. The website will be launched next week.

~ Kari

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Follow Through…

Hello again! My last entry was sharing a bit about our recent shoot experience in LA. It’s been a crazy couple of months since then and I am happy to say the new DVDs are in duplication and will soon be available. We have been working hard creating a new website that should be up and running by the end of this week if all goes as planned. It will be an easy way to access these new projects, view promotional clips, purchase “older” videos now on DVD, and much more. We are excited to finally have this in place!

I hope that you enjoy these new workouts. My ultimate goal is to broaden my home workout audience, to reach more people in their efforts to get fit and improve the quality of their life through fitness. I know how vital exercise has been to me for my mental and physical health and I am always distressed to see the small percentage of the population who workout on a regular, long-term basis. Making time for this in our week seems as important as eating and sleeping. I encourage all of you to spread the message of what it does for you. If we could all just reach one person to get on this road what an amazing effect we could have. These new DVDs are aimed for all fitness levels and since my personal club classes (cardio specifically) are more advanced, faster and more complicated this will be a great gift to give family/friends who are reluctant to try ProRobics, or any, group classes. The whole point is to move, to have fun and see how great it feels to workout.

Following up from my last blog I wanted to share a bit of what happens post-shoot because I think you will probably be able to relate in some way. As I mentioned preparing for and filming a workout is definitely a challenge. It is mentally, physically and emotionally draining. As the instructor you know you have that one chance to get all you want on tape and there are so many aspects and small details to a production. Often things are out of your direct control so there is a confidence and trust issue. The editing process is in many ways the hardest from an artistic standpoint. While filming you know that this is something that will be watched over and over, it is daunting. During editing you examine it so repetitively, always focusing on the negative, and then worry about how the exerciser at home will react, especially over time. Looking at yourself this closely, seeing your quirks, your physical “imperfections”, listening to your voice, hearing the unfortunate things that come out of your mouth, noticing all the important things you didn’t say…judging…it takes it’s toll on your confidence. Now that I am finished I have to step away and realize I can never make it as perfect as I want. Hindsight is a beautiful advantage that we can’t use in the moment. I can only look to the future and hope I do this again, make the changes I wish I had foreseen. In the long run I love reaching people outside of the gym environment. I only wish I had the opportunity to say to you all the things I would say in person; to encourage you, in your uniqueness, to have the confidence and strength to keep getting better. That is life at it’s best and I am right there with you!

Go for it! No looking back!

~ Kari