Monday, December 14, 2009

Easing the Pressures…

As December ends and January begins I always like to do a short review of the last year and how it affects our family and community as we move forward into the next. We have had a challenging year full of unexpected obstacles, problems, concerns, all of which have made us pause often and reflect on the total picture. It has also made me realize it is an important time to single out all of the blessings that may have gone unrecognized during the focus on struggles.
This brings me to two things I want to bring up which may or may not be issues for you but may affect you through others: control and perfection. Both of these pursuits can be toxic to life happiness. I often find myself trying to anticipate any possible thing that can go wrong and then spend countless hours finding the available avenues to control the outcome before it happens. I am noticing that this comes in a package with an unyielding amount of dread and worry and the absence of the joy of living in the moment. We are constantly bombarded with the disasters that can befall us so it’s difficult not to live in a semi-constant state of potential panic. Maybe it is just a sign of the times and will pass but I for one have realized my “control” is often wasted effort that ends up only driving me down.
Control and perfection seem to be evil sisters. What is it that drives us to seek perfection in ourselves and in others (sometimes more of one than the other) and honestly who gets to decide how it is defined? How far do you go to be the perfect daughter/son, the perfect wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend, the perfect parent, the perfect sister/brother, the perfect boss, the perfect employee, the perfect friend...the list is endless. Being perfect is such a slippery slope, and ever changing as years come and go. It can become such an obsession that it takes over every aspect of your happiness and contentment. Whether this drive to perfection manifests itself in appearance, behavior or expectations it is always healthy to step back and allow yourself to be forgiving to yourself and others. Being judgmental serves no great purpose and isn’t a positive catalyst for anyone. I’m not saying don’t care, I’m just saying be happy in your skin, make the necessary changes that serve the larger purpose and live life by your own realistic high standards. This positive energy will affect all those around you.
This Christmas won’t be perfect, neither will the New Year…our gyms will never be perfect. Communication may not be perfect. Response may not be perfect. But you can count on this: we do listen and will always try to make constant improvements. All of our energies go towards this business, our communities and making the gyms the place you want to be to see friends and work on being a healthier you. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2010!!