Monday, November 22, 2010

Mental Toughness

I think this is a great season to evaluate where we are in our lives, what we have accomplished, what we hope to accomplish, and what it takes to get it done. I am a firm believer in specific goal setting, personal accountability and follow-through. I am also mindfully aware of the inner dialogue that goes on in our heads that is often the catalyst for doing nothing. How many times have you talked yourself out of an idea because you fear failure? or negative response? or simply making yourself vulnerable? With all the changes/questions going on in the world, the economy, the job market, the future, it is no wonder many of us our questioning what lies ahead and whether we have what it takes to survive, progress and succeed. When you decide not to take a particular path or start a project you have to ask yourself what drives that decision? Is this because I fear “I can’t” or is it worry of how failure would be perceived by others? It is so easy to stay with the status quo because it is safe, it is what you know, you have done it before, it is you. But my challenge to you is to stimulate change within yourself. If you have an idea that drives something in you, excites you, quiet the negative voice within that beats you down and tells you “you can’t” and “it won’t work”. Listen instead to that excited, hopeful voice that says “but what if?” Most important during this process is to do your homework: Evaluate, Research, Prepare, Practice and Plunge. There is great personal reward in accomplishing a task that you feared. Your negative voice will lose its power and the paralyzing effect it has on your spirit, drive and creativity. Your positive voice will in turn gain in confidence, volume and wisdom.

On that note I nearly talked myself out of both tennis and Zumba®. My negative voice was loud and clear that it is much safer to stay with what I know and not look like a fool. Well happy to say I have been both the “fool” and the “winner” in both and I am having a ball. I want to thank all members who joined me for Zumba® Happy Hours. If you came to the first few and not again…(agghh!)…. I hope you will return. After 7 classes under by belt I have found myself, my groove and have evolved the workout in multiple ways. I am happy I listened to my positive voice on this one!

For the future: I am still debating if the Friday night time will work since many of you tell me you want to come but Friday nights are hard. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding a better day/time since I already teach daily, unless I change one of my current classes into this format. Additionally I am not sure how to choose which gym…or if this alternating thing works. I would love your feedback on this!

I will bring Zumba® with Kari back in January and also plan on doing a Christmas Eve Zumba® workout…time and location to be determined!

Note to all members: Join ProRobics Conditioning Clubs Group on Facebook for gym updates, class changes, sub notices and announcements.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving and holiday season!!! ~Kari

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